Children (Philoi)

Children growing up in Faith

And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Sunday 11:15 AM

About Philoi


Philoi is a community of faith consisting of school children from grade 1 to 6. Philoi has about 50 children learn the Bible stories to answer some fundamental questions of Christian faith like “What is it to believe in God and live by the power of the Holy Spirit following Jesus Christ?” The 11 volunteer teachers serve our children with love and care, striving to build a community of “friends who grow together in faith” (Ex 4:12), that is as strong as “a triple rope that is not easily broken”. We encourage parents to contact us, to discuss how we can help you guide your children to grow up as disciples of Jesus in true faith. We serve and disciple your beloved children with the love of Jesus.

Discipleship Program

In Philo, we run ‘Discipleship program’ for older children (grades 5-6) who are increasingly independent. The Discipleship program features bi-monthly community-building activities and Bible education. Recent community-building activities included ice fishing, bowling, trekking, etc. The intensive Bible education component of the program, as it is called the Bible Night, involves various Bible-themed activities including but not limited to group-reading the Sacred Scripture, re-enactment of scenes from the Bible and Quiz competition. Through the discipleship activity with the pastor and teachers in charge, our children deepen their understanding of the Bible and build meaningful friendship with their peers.

Summer VBS

This year, the Philo Summer Bible School goes to camp in the provincial park in Ottawa. The children will experience a growing sense of faith, love and hope through “worship and Bible study, various activities, campfires, and prayer meetings”.

Chorus and Musical

Every year at Christmas, the children of Philoi present choruses and musicals to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this, we will have a joyful and happy experience that shows God’s gift and talents and gives joy to all the church community. Please look forward to announcing the upgraded Anniversary of the Fellowship this year.

Serving People

Map: Pastor Doyoon Lee
Director: Deacon Joseph Kim
Teachers: Moose Kang, Min Sung Kang, Sinia Kim, Eun Young Kim, Erica Kim, Hye Ji Kim, Grace Na, Dave Lee, Jean Jung, Natalie Her