43rd Church Anniversary

Ottawa Korean Christian Fellowship, an independent evangelical church, was established in November 21st, 1976. The inaugural meeting commenced as forty six Korean Christians, led by Rev. D.W. Jung, began their first service at a chapel room in Glebe St. James United Church.


The Humble Beginning: Birth of Ottawa Korean Christian Fellowship

Ottawa Korean Christian Fellowship, an independent evangelical church, was established in November 21st, 1976. The inaugural meeting commenced as forty six Korean Christians, led by Rev. D.W. Jung, began their first service at a chapel room in Glebe St. James United Church.


Ottawa Korean Community Church

In 1981, Rev. Jung and the Ottawa Korean Christian Fellowship celebrated their 5th anniversary. Starting on November 8th, they met bi-weekly for service and changed their official meeting name to “Ottawa Korean Community Church.”


OKCC Constitution and By-laws

In January of 1982, a committee was formed to prepare the official constitution and the church by-laws for Ottawa Korean Community Church (OKCC). On December 26, 1982, the document was accepted by the general assembly after a few minor changes.


The Second Senior Pastor: Reverend Moon, Sung Chool

From May 1985 to March 1989, Rev. S.C. Moon had served at OKCC for 3 years and 10 months. His teaching and preaching ministry built the foundation for OKCC to stand firm on the traditional reformed theology and the Holy Scripture.


The Third Senior Pastor: Reverend Moon, Tae Joo “Right Word, Right Church, Right Lifestyle”

Rev. T.J. Moon became the third senior pastor at OKCC on December 17th, 1989. The installation service was led by Rev. Gaye Hwa Sam on April 1st, 1990. Rev. Moon pursued the three-rights as the goal of his ministry: Right Word, Right Church, and Right Lifestyle. In order to accomplish this vision, Rev. Moon endorsed the phrase, “In Essentials, Unity. In Non-Essentials, Liberty. In All Things, Charity.”

The Fourth Senior Pastor: Reverend Kang, Suk Jae

10 May 2009

After graduating with a BA in business from Dankook University, Rev. Kang went to Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary and received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology in systematic theology. He also studied in University of Toronto and earned a Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) in spiritual theology. He served as an associate pastor at Young Nak Korean Presbyterian Church of Toronto.

Rev. Kang has led the church by keeping alive the interdenominational nature of OKCC with evangelical foundation and seeking to become a church of peace and humility. In order to achieve the purpose of OKCC, Rev. Kang has implemented a very effective method of doing ministry. First, Rev. Kang identified the four key ministry values that OKCC should embrace. The four key ministry values are 1) education, 2) missions, 3) small group discipleship, and 4) prayer and worship. Then, Rev. Kang would select one key ministry value for the year and focus on it. By selecting one of the four values on a yearly basis and rotating the focus each year helped the church to grow with a balance. As a result, each ministry was strengthened, supported, developed, and thrived.


Focus on education

2010 was declared “the year of education”. The goal was to bring the Christian formation beyond the physical confines of the Church, and to bring about the holistic transformation of Christians as a disciple of Christ, so that they will bring the light of Christ to everyday life. One-on-one discipleship training, catechumen bible study, discipleship training, mission training through mission seminars and events, and the OKCC Forum were conducted.

For the discipleship of the next generation, Kim Sun-kyung was appointed as a pastor in Bahurim (young adults program) and primary School in 2011. In addition, a long-awaited minister for preschool program was installed. Secondary school saw significant growth in numbers, and relocated their location for worship to Main Sanctuary. The young adult program began to offer its own worship in the Main Sanctuary at 3:00 pm on Sunday. Teacher training became regular. The requirements were put in place for teacher candidates to undergo appointment process including an interview with the pastor. The Board of Education were divided into two to maintain the focus on increasingly diverse needs for Christina formation. Adult formation department received greater mandate.


Focus on missions

The 2011 was declared the year of missions. Missions ministry saw major expansion in its activities, which enabled the church to engage in more holistic and omnipotent missionary work, including regional missions, social justice, and environmental justice, both in overseas missions and indigenous missions. Mission seminars, mission revival meetings, and mission festivals were held, and short-term missions (Nicaragua mission in winter and summer, three aboriginal short-term missions each year, and participation in Haiti missions) were held every year.


Focus on small group discipleship ministry

2012 was a year of small group discipleship ministry. The discipleship ministry provided intimate fellowship, for the purpose of establishing a community of disciples of Christ and discipling and cultivating laity ministers. Bible study groups were restructured into groups much smaller in the number of participants, where new leaders were discovered and trained, and the lay ministers participated in the training of new members and one-on-one discipleship training. Every year, we held a retreat for our ministers, an intercessory team retreat, an Oikos evangelism training, and “Dew Fall” evangelism letter project.


Worship and prayer

Worship and prayers that bring us into intimate communion with God are the most important work of the church. We celebrate three sacraments (baptism, Lord’s supper) and baptismal ceremonies every year, and hold a revival meeting in the spring and autumn twice a year. Renowned pastors including Rev. Bhak Boo-tae, Kim Young-bong, Song Min-ho, Oh Dae-won, and Lee Jae-chul were invited as revival instructors. An intercessory prayer team was organized and trained and has been active ever since. Mom’s prayer team was formed and has regularly gathered for prayers since then.

Be Holy by the Word of God and Prayer

Hallelujah! I am grateful to God for starting the new year with faith and hope in 2019. This year our church is going to spend the year focusing on the Word and prayer. Please take a look at the following important items related to the theme of the church and join in them with one heart.


The Year Focusing on the Word and Prayer

We learn the Bible and proper doctrine to discern the right teachings. We do not fall into hypocrisy and legalism and try to reach a godly life through godly training, including the Word of God and prayer. / We do not neglect the training of the Word and help the ministry of the church to cultivate the ministers of the Word. / We realize the power of prayer and participate in prayer ministry. We strive to balance prayer and ministry. / We consecrate me, my home and my city with the Word of God and prayer.